Predictive Analytics

Imagine if you knew:

  • who the most likeliest people to leave next year are? ...and...
  • what you could do about it now? ... and ...
  • how to easily find more customers who are similar to those you want to retain?

Wouldn't that be like rocket fuel for growth? 

Or, would you like to know the best price for a particular client group? Or which transactions are most likely to be fraudulent? Or where to focus marketing dollars on which opportunities, or how to counter adverse selection. Our data science approach can answer these questions and many more because it brings rich tools to help mine your data. Blending industry knowledge, strategic perspective and leading analytics methods, we can help you to ferret out the underlying trends and key drivers. Adante very cost effectively does all this for you under our Analytics In DaysTM program. 

There is almost always more valuable information hidden in your data than you know, and we bring the skills and techniques to help you discover the trends underneath the trends. Why is the renewal rate in that group below average? Who is at risk of defecting? What can we do about the profit in this other group? When you can start to answer "why," then you can start to tackle what to do about it. 

Predictive analytics is a critical tool to help power customer and product targeting, long term loyalty, and turn them into long term profitability..  

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