Analytics Consulting

Highly allied with our strategic planning services, our analytics consultants are focused on driving business value for our clients. 

Our approach includes several key elements that we assemble in various ways:
- assessments of your starting point, including your data, its quality, accessibility and coverage
- the set of business challenges you want to focus on, first and in the longer term. When we combine your business knowledge with our data mining experience, the opportunities usually flow freely; 
- external data sets (whether among our many existing data sets / tools or other ones) that might be key to your goals.  Consider demographic data and trends, or weather data or credit information, or social media, or web-site targeting data, or advertising responses, or many other sources;
- the identification of business priorities - the most important things should come first, but there may be ways to set up rapid deployment models. 
- an implementation plan: the overal aproach and the products. Need a large-scale enterprise-class analytics engine? We can help you choose the right one. Need to build a data science team? Need results more than a project? Need to understand an analytics governance model? Need to improve data quality? It's okay - we understand implementation.

Contact us to see how we can help.